Connections in Uganda

Connections has partnered with the organization Messengers of Grace to further God's work in the vast rural areas of extreme southern Uganda.  Messengers of Grace is led by Pastor Byaruhanga Vana.  Pastor Vana leads a network of 15 churches, 2 elementary schools, 2 medical clinics, and a school for the disabled.  Connections is the sole supporter of both the MOG Primary School and the MOG Medical Clinic in Lugando.

MOG Primary School in Lugando

Over 500 students attend this Kindergarten through 7th Grade school.  It takes a faculty of 12 and a support staff of 3 to conduct classes, supply two meals each day, and provide basic healthcare to the children.  In 2019 Connections raised the funds to rebuild the school buildings after monsoon rains damaged much of the original mud and stick structure.

MOG Medical Clinic in Lugando

The COVID19 pandemic of 2020 highlighted the need for regional medical care.  Connections raised the funds needed to purchase a clinic, staff it, and supply it with the medicines and equipment it needed to be fully functional.  The clinic tends to injuries, common diseases, and provides maternity care.