#getCONNECTED to prayer

James 4:2 teaches us that "You do not have, because you do not ask."  

Let's not leave any blessing unexperienced because we fail to pray with and for each other!  

Here are ways you can get involved in prayer.

Submit prayer request

We have a staff and prayer team that prays for you daily!  If you have a request you would like for us to pray about, there are two ways to get that done.

  • Use the church app and hit the "Prayer Request" tile.

Tools to help you pray

Here are some handy apps that can help you step up your prayer game. Each is available for any device.

Apps that supply you with prayers

  • Prayers and Blessing Daily

  • Prayer Guide Daily Devotions

  • My Daily Prayer and Devotion

Apps that organize your own prayers

  • Prayer Mate

  • Echo Prayer

  • Prayer Notes

Virtual prayer gatherings


We are conducting a virtual prayer service this Wednesday, March 25, at 7pm, via Zoom.  You will be able to submit live requests and join our staff as we pray.  An invitation to join the meeting will be sent to everyone.