Worshipping at Connections in Schoolcraft Michigan

Get on the fast track to spiritual growth with Starting Point! If you're new to Connections, new or returning to the Christian faith, wanting to get moving in your spiritual growth or interested in learning more about Connections, then Starting Point is for you!​


Baptism is a celebration that tells a beautiful story: "The old me is dead and gone, and the new me lives to follow Jesus!"  Jesus wants all those who have decided to follow Him to be baptized.  It would be our delight to help you fulfill His desire for you!

Computer, coffee, and the Bible

Discovery Experience

Have you ever wondered what God's will was for your life?  Have you ever thought that you must exist for some more noble purpose than just making a living? The Discovery Experience is the perfect next step for those wanting to get more involved at Connections and in the work of building the kingdom of God. At this special event, you will: discover your context, discover your natural abilities, discover your spiritual gifts, discover your perfect fit. 

Small group of friends at Connections in Kalamazoo County Michigan

Connections Groups

Connections Groups are a system of community groups designed to empower us to build stronger relationships with one another, build a stronger relationship with Jesus, as well as to grow spiritually as an individual and as a part of a body of believers. Regardless of your interests or schedule, Connections Groups will be able to provide you with a group atmosphere that is convenient, challenging, enriching and fun!

Connections runs on volunteers. Without them, we couldn't do all the things we do to serve people and try to fix some of the brokenness in our world. We believe that every person has abilities, experiences and passions that can be used to make a difference in people's lives.  We want to give everyone the opportunity to use these valuable gifts as part of a team of volunteers that is dedicated to helping others.