You were created

ON purpose,

FOR a purpose.

Discovery Experience

Have you ever wondered what God's will was for your life?  Have you ever thought that you must exist for a more noble purpose than just making a living?    If so, the Discovery Experience is just for you!  The Discovery Experience is the perfect next step for those wanting to get more involved at Connections and in the work of building the kingdom of God.  

During this 2-hour class you will make 4 discoveries:
     1. Your calling
     2. Your natural talents
     3. Your spiritual gifts
     4. Your God-given passions.
The next Discovery Experience will be held March 1st after the 2nd service from noon till 2:00pm at the church.  There is a $55 fee for attending the class, which covers the cost of personal assessment tests and lunch.  Online assessment tests need to be taken ahead of the class, so registration and payment is due no later that Wednesday, February 26th.


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