You were created

ON purpose,

FOR a purpose.

Discovery Experience

You were created ON purpose, FOR a purpose.

Have you ever wondered what God's will was for your life?  Have you ever thought that you must exist for some more noble purpose than just making a living?  

If so, the Discovery Experience is just for you!
The Discovery Experience is the perfect next step for those wanting to get more involved at Connections and in the work of building the kingdom of God.  
During the  four weeks of this event you will learn the essentials for determining God's purposes for your life.
There are 4 discoveries that you will make in this special event:
Discover your passions
Discover your gifts.
Discover your strengths.
Discover your personality style
Integrated into the Discovery Experience are several assessments. You'll get the opportunity to take a passion inventory (no charge), A Spiritual Gifts inventory (no charge), the StrengthsFinder ($15.00), and the DiSC Personality profile ($32.95). Upon registration, you’ll receive an email with what to expect during the experience and how to prepare for week one.

The next Discovery Experience will be held in November.