Core Beliefs

We believe the Bible is true in all it says

We can trust the bible to tell us the truth about God, about relationships, about ourselves, about life and about the afterlife.  The Bible doesn't condone all it reports, but all it reports is accurate. The Bible also uses the most common literary forms to communicate: poetry, metaphor, story, proverbs and figures of speech.  Taking the Bible literally means understanding these forms of communication.  There is no ancient document that has held up to scientific, textual, historical and archeological scrutiny like the Bible.


We believe that there is one true God, who exists as Father, Son and Holy Spirit

God is a personal being, not an impersonal force.  God has always existed and always will exist. The Trinity is a mystery, a paradox.  There is only one God, but that God exists as three Persons: A Father who is God, a Son who is God and a Spirit who is God.  The trinity is the foundation for personhood, relationship and community.


We believe that God is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-caring

God is unlimited.  He knows everything.  He can do anything.  He loves everyone.  This is why God can be trusted.


We believe that God created the universe and everything in it

We are not here by chance or accident.  Human beings, and the world we live in, were designed and brought into being by God.  This is the basis for the Christian understanding that our lives have meaning and purpose, and that every person matters.

We believe that eternal life is a free gift that comes by grace through faith in Jesus Christ

Jesus lived the perfect life we could never live, then died on the cross to make an atonement for every sin of every person who ever lived.  Salvation is a free gift, available to everyone.  When we place our faith in Jesus to lead us in life and make us right with God, He forgives us for all our sin and brings us back into a relationship with Him.


We believe that Jesus rose from the dead and that He is coming back someday

After dying, Jesus rose from the dead.  He is alive today, having ascended back into heaven.  His Spirit is present in the world today.  At a time unknown, Jesus will return to earth to usher in a time of global peace and prosperity.


We believe that everyone experiences an afterlife, either in God's presence or separated from it.

The end in this life is the beginning of the next.  What we believe and do in this life determines where, and how, we'll experience the next life.  God will make sure that every wrong gets righted, and that every right gets rewarded.